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UlagBulag Village

Our company provides innovative solutions by dividing and conquering the entire data pipeline from Bare-metal to FaaS.

  • Open Source: In many cases, our solutions are open sourced and available for free.
  • Blockchain: If you are in a situation where it is difficult to build and maintain some parts of the data pipeline, you can take advantage of the powerful blockchain-based decentralized data pipeline solutions.
  • Technical support: If special equipment and solutions are required, separate technical support is available.

Open-source Projects

  1. IPI: InterPlanetary Interface
  2. IPIS: InterPlanetary Interface Service
  3. IPDIS: InterPlanetary Dictionary Server
  4. IPFIS: InterPlanetary Function Interconnection Service
  5. IPNIS: InterPlanetary Neural Interpretation Service
  6. IPQIS: InterPlanetary Queryable Interactive Service
  7. IPSIS: InterPlanetary Storage Integration Service
  8. IPWIS: InterPlanetary WASI Interpretation Service

Associated Projects

  1. Noah Cloud: A library/runtime that supports Automated Multi-site Deployment of Bare-metal Cloud-native Edge Clusters. It can used as a resource manager in IPWIS.